April 24, 2024

The best kabaddi teams

As it happens with most other sports, in kabaddi it is also possible to identify teams that perform better than their competitors. You can wager on them right now by going to the https://www.1xbet.in/line/kabaddi website.

In terms of national teams, the International Kabaddi Federation actually has a ranking of their own based on objective criteria. If we take this reference as a starting point, the five best teams in the world look as follows:

  • India;
  • Iran;
  • Pakistan;
  • South Korea;
  • and Bangladesh.

You can become  member of 1xBet now and wager on all those teams right now. In more general terms, the best kabaddi teams in the entire world come mostly from South Asia. This is also the part of the world where the discipline enjoys its highest levels of popularity.

Why does India have the best team?

The most popular kabaddi competition in India is the Kabaddi Pro League. It features some of the best domestic teams and players from this nation but also from other places around the world. Don’t forget to check kabaddi live score today from 1xBet, which features this specific competition as well.

The high competitiveness of this tournament also allows India to assemble an excellent national squad. The statistics speak by themselves. There have been three editions of the Kabaddi World Cup that have been celebrated since 2004. The Indian team has won all its editions. That statistic by itself should be enough to prove why India is the best team in the world when it comes to kabaddi. Punters can check live kabaddi scores today from 1xBet, which also features matches from the Indian national team when it plays. 

A consistent runner-up

In terms of performances, India is by far the best kabaddi national team in the world. However, there is another team that, while not reaching India’s level, still performs better than other squads. We are talking about the Iranian national kabaddi team. In addition to kabaddi, you can also start betting football online with 1xBet bookmaker, and this website offers a wide range of matches of both sports.

In the three editions of the Kabaddi World Cup, the Iranians have been the runners-up on all three occasions. They have always been defeated by India in the final. However, the gap has been shrinking ever since. For example, in the 2004 final, the Iranians lost 55-27, but in 2016, this score was reduced to 38-29. Who knows if one day Iran will be able to win a trophy of this kind. Right now, making online football and kabaddi betting with the 1xBet bookmaker can be a winning choice, where their World Cups are available too.

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