April 23, 2024

The amazing Mestalla Stadium

Spain has plenty of highly impressive football stadiums. At this moment one of Pakistan betting sites is 1xbet.pk, and punters can employ it in order to wager on Spanish football at any moment.

An amazing venue is the one known as Estadio de Mestalla or just Mestalla. This is a venue located in the city of Valencia, and is the home of the football team of the same name. It is an impressive building with a capacity of approximately 49 thousand spectators. Right now one of the best betting sites is 1xBet Pakistan, and punters can use this platform for wagering on all football matches taking place in this venue.

History of the stadium

The Valencia football team was founded in the early 20th century. Initially it played its home matches in Campo de Algirós, which was another stadium located in Valencia at the time. Anybody can sign up to 1xBet – place best bet live now on all matches played by Valencia.


However, Algirós had a number of inconveniences, including:


  • its football pitch was very small, with dimensions of only 91 by 47 meters;
  • it had a very small capacity, with up to 8 thousand spectators;
  • and the galleries were made up of rock, which made them not really comfortable for those who went to support the team.


By the 1920s, it was clear that Campo de Algirós didn’t have good conditions for being Valencia’s home. In 1922, the club board began a fundraising campaign and also started to find a place to build a new facility. You can place your best live bet on 1xBet on all matches played at Valencia’s current home.


The city of Valencia had an irrigation ditch called Mestalla, and it was identified as the perfect place for building a brand-new stadium.

Important matches

Mestalla was completed in 1923, from that point on it became one of the most important football stadiums in Spain. For example, the Spanish national team played for the first time in this stadium back in 1925, when they had a friendly with Italy. Before the next match of the Spanish national side you can visit http://1xbet.pk/lottery and see the amazing lottery options available for all members of the site.


In 1927, Mestalla had its first Copa del Rey final, which was played between Atlético Madrid and Barcelona. From that point on, it was continuously taken into account for other important football matches in the country.


Mestalla was also a venue for the 1982 FIFA World Cup and the 1992 Summer Olympics. It has also been sporadically used as a home venue for the Spanish national football team in UEFA Euro and FIFA World Cup qualifiers. When those kinds of matches take place, don’t forget to visit 1xBet and try to make your best wagers on them.

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