April 24, 2024

How to Travel in 2022: The Best Phone Apps

Today everything is on your phone, and you cannot go traveling without it anywhere. To make this device more helpful, download these apps before your adventure.


MapsMe offline maps are as useful as ऑनलाइन भारतीय कैसीनो. It works, even if Wi-Fi and 4G on your route are as rare as the snow in Africa. The main thing is to get the app ready in advance, before you start Internet starvation. After downloading MapsMe, select the city or neighborhood maps you need. You need to download them additionally. Maps will take up a lot of space on your phone, but they are worth it.

The detail in MapsMe maps is high! You can see everything, down to unnamed lakes, roadside cafes and goat trails. And what is even more convenient is that the names in English are duplicated in the language of the country you are traveling in. For example, in China, if it’s not Shanghai or Hong Kong, no cab driver speaks English. And if you don’t want him to take you far away, it’s enough to point your finger at the MapsMe map.


The developers of the Too Good To Go (TGTG) app didn’t just want to lower food prices in restaurants. It’s more of a means than an end. And the goal is to combat the food waste that wanders by the ton from café counters and windows to the trash cans before closing. British establishments were the first to support the idea. Now you can join the ranks of sensible consumers in Germany, France, Austria, USA, and other countries.

It’s simple. Instead of throwing away unsold food, the establishments reduce their cost by 3-4 times. The generous promotion is valid in the evenings, more often for half an hour. That’s enough time to choose the right menu, place your order in the app, and pick it up at the cash register.


Where can you find a check-in counter or which gate can you get a coffee from? GateGuru has collected maps and diagrams of airports around the world. If you come to the wrong terminal – no problem. The app will determine the geolocation and tell you how to get to the right place. A landmark – the reviews of travelers. 204 airports in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia are at your disposal.


Do you know where the biggest parking lot in the world is? On your phone! ParkMe Parking will guide you to where to park your car and calculate the cost of parking for a few hours, a day, or a month’s reserve.

You will also find out about additional options of the nearest parking lot from your phone: which one works around the clock, where you can wash your car, where you can pay by card or even charge your electric car, if you suddenly rented eco-friendly transport. The geography is impressive, as there are 64 countries.


Roomer Travel is an app where you can book a room with a significant discount. Only the price is reduced not by the hotels themselves, but by travelers who have changed their plans and now sell their reservations cheaper. This is a kind of second hand, which can save the budget of future guests and reimburse some of the money spent by those who are not.

You can search for discounted offers for the desired destination, or you can go to the Best deals section and find, for example, a triple room for three nights in a decent hotel in Bangkok for $78.


The Songkick Concerts app analyzes your music preferences and gives you a list of upcoming concerts that might inspire you to take a spontaneous trip. Check out your upcoming itineraries.

Maybe you’ll find yourself in the same city at the same time as your favorite band, or learn about a festival worth going to. The app has a breakdown of locations and artists, so keeping track of Coldplay, Sia or Kings of Leon concert tours will be easy.

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