July 25, 2024

Explaining the Protocol of Stockholm

The Protocol of Stockholm is a set of rules and regulations that govern international basketball competition. It is always possible to make online betting – 1xBet website features a huge basketball section too. It was first drafted in 1932 during the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) congress in Geneva, Switzerland, and later amended in Stockholm, Sweden in 1934.

The Protocol of Stockholm establishes the basic principles for international basketball competitions, including things like:

  • the playing court;
  • equipment;
  • game duration;
  • team composition;
  • and officiating.

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Important changes to the sport

One of the most significant changes introduced by the Protocol was the introduction of the three-second rule. It prohibits offensive players from remaining in the key area for more than three seconds without actively moving towards the basket. Make bet online football with 1xBet, which is a sport that has also seen reforms in its rules over the years.

The Protocol of Stockholm also introduced the concept of a “traveling” violation. This occurs when a player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball. Prior to the Protocol, there were no rules governing this type of action. This led to confusion and inconsistencies in the way the game was played. There are online football bets with 1xBet in addition to basketball wagers, which can be made on a wide range of competitions.

Creation of a new entity

Another important aspect of the Protocol is the establishment of the FIBA, which serves as the governing body for international basketball. The FIBA oversees all aspects of the game. This includes the development of new rules and regulations, organizing international competitions, and promoting basketball worldwide. At https://www.1xbet.com/en/live/basketball you can find chances to make live wagers on all kinds of FIBA tournaments.

In addition to establishing the FIBA, the Protocol of Stockholm also established rules for the composition of national teams. Each team is allowed a maximum of 12 players, and only one naturalized player is allowed per team. These kinds of squads can also be wagered at the 1xBet website.

The Protocol of Stockholm has been amended several times over the years to reflect changes in the game. These amendments have also been done to address issues such as player eligibility, officiating, and the use of technology in the game. However, the core principles established in the Protocol remain in place today. They continue to guide the development and evolution of basketball around the world.

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